5 Things, II

I hope you guys have had a great Fourth of July week! I heard it was as hot as 118 degrees in Burbank, California, which is just unfathomable. I spent most of the week traveling with my husband to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. We weren’t there very long, but we sure had a good time and felt we explored a good chunk of the areas. Stay tuned for those upcoming travel blog posts!

In the meantime, here are my favorites for this week:

  1. Read this book and find out one of the easiest way to become a millionaire by the time you retire.
  2. Just discovered this well-known style and travel blogger, and I’m having a blast reaching the archived posts.
  3. More and more people are opting out of having kids, and here are the reasons. (Btw, I’m planning on writing a topic on this soon!)
  4. Don’t let summer slip away by going to these amazing destinations.
  5. I didn’t think the world needed another Pokemon game. But I was very wrong.

And for you ethereal bloggers and influencers, here’s my pick of the week from CreativeMarket.

Have you discovered anything interesting this week? I’d love to know!


  1. July 9, 2018 / 9:29 pm

    That must have been amazing getting to visit all those places. I’d love to do more traveling and check off tons of places from my bucket list.

    This is such a fun post, I may consider creating one just like it. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. July 10, 2018 / 1:51 am

    Love this post! I have to visit all of those places!

    • admin
      July 11, 2018 / 2:53 am

      Yes, they’re just so beautiful!

  3. Jodie
    July 11, 2018 / 2:38 am

    We chose not to have kids for many of these same reasons. It’s nice we have choices…

    • admin
      July 11, 2018 / 2:53 am

      Oh, for sure. I can’t imagine having to live in a period where it’s just expected that kids come right after marriage anymore.

    • admin
      July 11, 2018 / 2:53 am

      Thanks, darling!

  4. July 11, 2018 / 7:57 am

    Oh this is such a good post idea! I definitely discovered some new things to check out x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  5. July 11, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    Ohhh wow! I need a vacation and these destinations look amazing!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    • admin
      July 11, 2018 / 3:45 pm

      So many of them are on my bucket list!

  6. July 12, 2018 / 2:48 am

    Such a fun post dear. Those are amazing summer destinations indeed. Can’t go wrong with any of those five!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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