Unleashing Pandora Rose Bangle Bracelet

As this blog name may admit, I am a fan of rose gold. I have no idea where this came from, because when I was younger, I hated pink, and thought it was so typical of a girl to like pink. Now, here I am, with the words rose gold in my instagram handle. Bieber was right – never say never.

Anywho, haha, during a cruise to the Caribbean this past summer, I impulsively picked up my very first Pandora bracelet. I hate to admit this, but I had never set foot in a Pandora jewelry store before this, and was never really interested in what they had to offer. But during our last port visit, I was feeling like I needed a little souvenir to remember the trip by (as if the photos weren’t enough), and Joseph suggested Pandora.


Luckily for them, they had just released a rose gold collection, and it instantly drew me in. Something about the color just made the jewelry so much more sophisticated and beautiful. And almost all of the charms in the collection also seemed more elevated than the ones in their regular collection.

After a bit of wafting, I ended up with the PANDORA Rose Bangle Bracelet and the Harmonious Hearts dangle charm. So, how do they bode after wearing it a few times?

For the PANDORA Rose bangle bracelet itself, I love that it’s a sturdy material that keeps its shape. I mean, it’s a bangle, after all, but there are other bracelets in the Rose collection that aren’t. I also love that the clasp is an elegant ball with the logo, as if it’s a charm on the bracelet. Really, if you just wanted to have the bracelet and nothing else, it would look rather beautiful.

The downside to the bracelet is the clasp is rather hard to lock and unlock by yourself. Two options to successfully put the bracelet on is to have someone help you or to jam your hand through the bangle and wriggle your way in. Otherwise, it’s somewhat tricky, but not impossible.

Since it was my first PANDORA bracelet, and the jewelry brand is all about charms, it was fitting that I attached a charm, and I love how the Harmonious Hearts dangle charm was a bit more interactive than the others. Sort of like a cat’s toy. I’m ever so slowly growing my jewelry collection, and I’m quite fond of this new addition.

What are your thoughts about PANDORA bracelets?


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